Natural 3-7 day Body Cleanse Detoxes

Natural high soluble soup detox programs for fast natural weight loss and for reversal of premature illnesses caused by processed diets. Get the key to prevent sickness and stay younger longer with these amazing 100% natural detoxes

1-3 days will rid your body  of 2-3 kilos of water retention and toxic gas, which clogs your digestive system and stops it from digesting your food correctly, the early stages of health problems such as swelling, blood clots, muscle tensions, nausea,  headaches, asthma, insomnia and snoring

4-5  days cleanses the Liver & Kidney, the two most powerful organs of the body in the digestive system, once consumed with toxins, they slowly stop processing foods correctly such as flushing out impurities which become more difficult on a daily bases, this causes obesity, gall-bladder malfunction, stomach and bowel disorders and premature aging, the second stage of illness which can and often lead to more serious health issues with prescribed medication dependencies the only answer that ironically then trebles the deterioration of both the liver and kidney functions to a point of no return

6-7 days  The lymphatic system & blood cleanse, skin rejuvenation, cleanses the blood and pores of your skin, this increases the natural skin collagen to activate and your skin will rejuvenate to a fresher and younger appearance, the flow of clean blood through your body improves your entire lymphatic system, the very key to a natural anti aging process. Youth and vitality will return and you will enjoy a healthier longer life free of the risk of premature illnesses.

Good health is a choice; if you eat well (fresh foods, not processed) body cleanse for maintenance once every 3 months, you will also enjoy fresh air and exercise, sleep well and overall be happy without stress.

You have the answer and and key to health YOU have the power to choose!

All detoxes include closed facebook support group throughout the detox to help you stay  focused and ongoing health advice plus learn the AP FREE health system of eating for a healthier longer life.




Mymenu NTK fee of $10 is for 12 months membership. Includes access to all FB (closed group) body cleanse detox programs, personal one on one training with the AP FREE health system, all AP FREE recipes cooked in the mymenu ntk kitchen with research materials.

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