Annie shares her story……

 A BIG WAKE UP CALL CAME FOR ME!! when I ended up in a hospital bed.

The symptoms were gradual and over a period of 4 months until a severity over a three day period, the symptoms I suffered were ringing in my ears, aching muscles, extreme tiredness, burning eyes, hot rushes to the brain, red effected boils all over my face and on my feet, ulcerated tongue where I couldn’t speak, sharp jabbing stabbing pains through my body and finally no strength to walk or talk was all the lead up, to the hospital bed.

I was put into a private room with quarantine written on the door and visited by every specialist and student with confusing questions and answers and camera’s and their guesses from lupus to allergies to blood poisoning…….The mysterious and unknown symptoms that came upon me baffled the specialists and after 5 days of extensive tests, intravenous antibiotic drips & cortisone my body started to settle down and after 7 days the diagnosis was still ‘UNDETERMINED’ 

Not a person to take medications, pain killers or visit doctors, being hospitalized was extreme and especially with no diagnosis,  so out of hospital I decided it was time to investigate because I wasn’t ready to go back and I wasn’t convinced of their diagnosis especially when all tests came back clear.

I also suffer with a very bloated stomach every time I ate it was like i had eaten a horse, it was very clear to me there was also something wrong with my digestive tract, liver and kidneys.

I concluded that the only  way I could have got in this TOXIC condition and that was through my diet; which at the time I considered was more healthy than not!!

That’s when the CHEMICALS in the foods we consume became a precise target and the shocking truth about what’s in our food was REVEALED and when put to the test ‘HAD TO GO FROM MY DIET’ I started to buy, cook and eat foods with NO CHEMICALS (PRESERVATIVES & ADDITIVES) that’s NO CANS, JARS AND PRE -PACKAGED FOODS…I got rid of all my pantry and fridge bottles/jars & packets and replaced them with fresh ingredients instead, immediately I felt better, my head cleared, my digestive system started working better and overall I felt GREAT!! for the first time in years I felt younger, brighter and of course happier. And I haven’t looked back!!

From being told by the doctors that I had LUPUS with NO CURE and I have to take medications such as anti-inflammatory medications for the rest of my life,  to the way I feel NOW!! is mind-blowing and a eye opener to how easy it is to believe what the informed/experts tell us.

FROM THIS TO THIS!! Pic 1&2  was me in June 2013 at  65 kilos & severely BLOATED to NOW only 56.8 and feeling great!  I ACHIEVED THIS BY DOING ONE 7 DAY DETOX AND BY FOLLOWING THE ‘AP FREE’ MENU. NO EXERCISE WAS REQUIRED.

 dated IMG_0402 copyIMG_0404use this one Photo on 27-03-14 at 1.51 PM


I now KNOW without a shadow of doubt that premature illness can be prevented by simply eating fresh foods prepared at home with fresh ingredients being the key ingredient, with a little mind shift and a bit of time you can make your kitchen the best healthiest restaurant in town and reverse the accumulating health complaints. The AP FREE MENU is all about replacing store bought foods with fresh ingredients and creating recipes which will make any restaurant chef stand up and take notice because all meals are ‘100% AP FREE’ NO ADDITIVES NO PRESERVATIVES cooking, and its NOT DIFFICULT in fact its SO ‘EASY’

 let me show YOU how to do it!



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