GEORGINA as you can see was a very BIG girl at only 16 years she was OBESE and at risk of having a heart attack or stroke. Having grown with all the wrong foods and never really learning the basics of what, how or when to eat.This has now changed and due to her dedication of wanting a better lifestyle for herself, children and husband she has worked hard at reducing the excessive weight. In her own words she says that the natural soup detox is by far the best program to use if you want a fast efficient way that not only works but also helps you change your attitude towards food for life. Annie

I tried many things but nothing worked as well as this detox and the AP FREE Menu is great because it teaches you what to eat and what not to eat and after the detox you just don’t want to go back and eat bad food anyway so its a change for life.. not just a diet like so many others! Yes the detox is.. but the AP FREE is a lifetime program that just starts with a 3-7 day detox to cleanse your digestive system so you can get healthy and lose weight. I was amazed that after the detox you are consciously aware and also happy to look for clean food not junk to eat unlike so many other diets you just go straight back to eating bad food and you put it straight back on again, that’s what I did for years but now I have the answer and if I do slip up and eat badly I know all I have to do is a 1-2 day detox to get rid of the toxins. I am so happy and recommend this program to EVERYONE. I wish you all to start and you will see for yourself! Georgina

 Date: 10 October 2014



Weight when started:

Weight Now:

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