1017657_10152148848986138_1937643555_n (1)Dayna

Girls you don’t have to be OBESE or overweight to start to suffer from a digestive system not working properly!! let me explain….As you can see Dayna is a perfect little petite size, however age applies to us all and our body knows how old it is for example up to 25 Years old you can do almost ANYTHING and your body quickly repairs itself including your digestive system, however 25 Years onwards and now it chronologically slowing down and YOU have to start to take a bit more care on what you eat and drink.

I notice everywhere I go young girls are developing little pot belly’s and this is because the toxins are now not flushing away as easy as they once did. Exercising, going to the gym and burning fat is good but here we are talking about our digestive system not working properly and we have to look at what is causing the bloating. Our 3-7 day detox fixes this and the AP FREE will keep everything working to help avoid premature illness and sickness which is caused from  bloating, water retention and toxin build up in our bodies, a problem increasing rapidly due to more and more processed foods on the market and the lifestyles that we are adapting. Unfortunately its just not the old and overweight who are at risk….. its the young and old and the bold and beautiful who will be afflicted if we don’t take care of what we eat. Annie

I just wanted to try this detox out… it made me very tired with no energy but the results were awesome and I felt really good for doing it, since then I have taken on the AP FREE Menu whenever possible getting into superfoods, smoothies and fresh foods its made a huge difference, it’s also good because you know that if you do go overboard (like partying too much) all you have to do is a 1-2 day detox and its all gone again. This has to be the best health system because its for life its not a diet, I enjoy the soups also they taste good. Dayna 

Date: 18 September, 2014

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