Personal ‘In home’ Food Safety Awareness

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I will show you everything you need to know on how to identify and then replace healthy core ingredients. This service is a personal in home service where I will do a pantry and fridge assessment, we will  ‘store it’ or we will ‘dump it’ and finally we will replace it along with an entire new buying, preparing and cooking program including shopping list and great money saving ideas on how to be 100% healthy.

Your full assessment is jam packed with food safety tips, food handling, storage, recipes, food choices and core ingredients that will help you live a longer healthier life

Assessment includes:  food safety-food hygiene-food preparation-eating healthy-creating menus-cooking lessons-kitchen & food assessments- personal one on one program and ongoing online support network

Topics covered in this service are:

2. Fridge hygiene – cross-contamination

3. Food Storage

4. How to turn the food in your fridge around to 80% live foods (not dead foods)

5. Preparing and Cooking

  • 2 x  In home kitchen visits -1 hour
  • 2  x  cooking lessons 1 hour
  • 1 x full written assessment
  • 1 x 12 months online support program
  • 1 x 12 months access to AP FREE recipe website

Prices: Personal In home kitchen food service is $200 flat rate (other costs may occur with distances over 25 kilometers

This service is available to the local Areas only but if you’re prepared to pay the cost I will travel and I also offer an online video conferencing service. Take the time and get true value to help your whole family for life!



  • Food Safety Supervisor (NSW & QLD)
  • AP FREE Menu Author
  • AP FREE cook & creator
  • Bistro Manager
  • Events catering
  • Food Blog Writer
  • Researcher in food & safety & legal research writer
  • Personal health food trainer & support provider

Qualified in providing clients the 100% truth about food

email to book and for enquires

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