The Benefits of Joining a Food Buying Group

  • More affordable access to organic products
  • Bulk buying access means less ordering
  • Access to an organised shopping system at reduced prices
  • Have the experience of a sense of community with others who share in the same food values

How ordering works

  • The minimum order amount for each member is $100,  plus your freight or you can pick up at the Carrara Markets on Saturday – Sunday 7:30-2:30 and Wednesday’s 10-11 am
  • We have two order dates per month. The first and last week of each month (regardless of weekends/holidays), delivery may alter but ordering remains the same dates each month.
  • You can order on both dates providing the order is $100 or over

3 easy steps to get shopping

  1. Sign in (FREE) and become a member. You will receive login details to your own account, verify in your inbox. Save our online shop to your desktop.
  2. Access our online shop’s full catalogue by browsing each category, get to know what you can buy
  3. Put together your shopping list, simply add to cart, you can add your products to your cart when you run out and the order will remain in your cart until the next order date, this allows you to build your shopping list so you don’t forget what you need. Wait for delivery – 3-4 days Metro or outback/country 6-8 days

 Carrara Market Shopping

I do not stock products at the market unless it is a Monthly Special and you will be notified. Place your order ONLINE. Website product prices are not buyers group price, once you become a member your price list will be emailed  to you, but on an average, you will save between 15 -20% off retail price

No, you won’t miss out on specials buying!!

Monthly Special's are emailed directly to your inbox updating you with what's on special 
and the best prices for purchasing 4-5 of each (bulk buying) these specials can really save you $$$$$ and we really want you to get the benefits, so we will be ON TO IT!  
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